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Advertising Concepts Provides Web Design, Domain Names & Web Hosting “We Count On The World’s Largest Hosting Provider”

Every Business Needs A Website!

“Serving Dothan And The Wiregrass Area With Website Design, Domains And Hosting”

Advertising Concepts is the complete solution to all your website needs.  We can design your site, program it, and service it for years to come.  Advertising Concepts can do as much of or as little of the project as you desire.  We can handle every aspect of your site turning your ideas into reality.  We are here to give you advice, support, and the professional criticism needed for your site to succeed.  Advertising Concepts specializes in both personal and business solutions such as setting up Company and Individual web sites.  We will not stop working on a project until you are completely satisfied and given that other companies for example typically charge over several hundred dollars for a website, we know that we offer extraordinary value for your money.

Now your business can benefit from Website Design and Website Hosting from the same Company.

A well-designed website opens your business 24 hours a day - everywhere in the world.  Customers can find information and place an order, even if your phones are busy or everyone has gone home for the night.

Our experience in marketing, graphic design and writing allows us to do more than just make your website attractive.  It will be packed with information customers want, designed, written and presented in a way that will boost your sales.  

Customized Website Designing!

There’s not a more effective way to reach Potential customers than on the Internet!  Look to Advertising Concepts  for your complete website solutions, Including:

            E-commerce - Photo Galleries - Mobile Websites